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My youngest sister’s birthday is coming up and I don’t want to say she is spoiled but...well, she is spoiled in the sense that -since she is so much younger than me- it’s like she has two moms, and thus, two-times the toys! So what do you get the little girl that has everything? Time! Last year I gave her a coupon book that granted us time together. It was one of the best gifts I could have given her (and myself). We would take a trip to the museum, the planetarium or the movies, or stay in and play games or do a puzzle. Not everything required money being spent and it was tons of fun. I made her 12 coupons (one for each month) and before we knew it, they were all used up! Now, I have a whole new dilemma...what do i give her this year???

This was really easy and fun to make. I actually used my own template (from paint & word) to make the round/square box and added text for the coupon name and numbers. I found some distressed paper and printed them out. After I cut them into the ticket stub shape I used a heavy card stock as the coupon cover. I hot glued the edge of the coupons into the card stock holder and there you have it! Handmade coupon book, made with love.

#couponbook #sistergift

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