How I Made My Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser!

DIY Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

Look what I found!

I was out shopping for silverware when I came across this little guy! Since it was busted up and broken, I got it at a discount! I was super excited because I just saw (and pinned) a diy foam hand soap dispenser on Pinterest and thought it was such a cute look!

I just used the soap pump from from an old Bath and Body Works soap dispenser.

I was fortunate because this little soap dispenser already had a pretty large hole in the top of it, but it still too small to fit the foam soap dispenser pump. Since I don't have a hole press drill, I had to improvise. The lid was very thin and I was able to cut a small slit and bend the edges back and under to make the hole wider. Once I accomplished this the pump fit snugly inside the lid. I chose not to use glue because it fits in there very snug already and I'm not really worried about my husband and I knocking this over!

So I went on a hunt for a unique, tall, resealable bottle to hold my dishwashing liquid, and also to give a great accent to this little mason jar dispenser. Since I already know how to make foaming hand soap, I added that and I was good to go! Love this look!

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