Turn Your Silver Jewelry Black! How to Oxidize Silver Jewelry using Liver of Sulfur

Turn Your Silver Jewelry Black! How to Oxidize Silver Jewelry using Liver of Sulfur.

I am a HUGE fan of black jewelry, so much so that my wedding ring band and diamond are both black! I know it’s unorthodox, but the uniqueness cannot be beat. Because my ring is oxidized and oxidization eventually wears off, I had to teach myself how to re-oxidize my silver. After I mastered that, I moved on to other pieces in my collection. When searching the internet for “How-To” tutorials, I found that there aren’t many that are simple and easy to follow, so I thought I would make my own!

What you will need:

Liver of Sulfur gel – can buy on Amazon.com

Two glass bowls

Baking Soda


Dish Soap

First make sure you clean your jewelry very thoroughly, you want to get rid of any oils that might be on the surface. I use dish soap for its oil repelling effects.

Fill up a glass bowl with boiling water. You can also place the bowl of water into a microwave, please be careful, if you choose to use the microwave place a toothpick or small (microwave safe) utensil in the bowl of water, this will eliminate the chances of the water “popping/exploding” when you or an object come into contact with it.

Add your liver of sulfur gel to the bowl of hot water; go according to the directions on the bottle. Mix well and add your piece of jewelry.

You will see the oxidization happening immediately. You can choose the level of oxidization you want, the longer you leave it in, the darker it will become.

While this is soaking, take your second glass bowl, fill with water and add baking soda. This will stop the oxidization process. Once you have reached your desired color, remove your jewelry with tweezers and place in the baking soda water mixture.

Here is the finished product! I la-la-love this look & it is so unique.

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