Essential Epsom Salt Blends

February 5, 2015

♫♪Splish-Splash I Was Taking a Bath♫


Being a busy person, sometimes it’s hard for me to wind down and just relax. I knew Epsom Salt had great health benefits like; easing stress, relaxing the body, pain and muscle relief and helping to eliminate toxins from your body. For me, an Epsom Salt Soak was just want I needed to relax and get ready for bed. Although, I have to admit, that after a workout has rendered my arms or legs useless, a soak in the tub might happen at any time of the day. ;) I have always experimented with essential oils and have honed in on my top two favorite Essential Epsom Salt Blends.


Wild Rose, Lovely Lavender & Sweetheart Citrus!


All of these are available at my Etsy Shop!

Wild Rose: Made with dried rose petals and my own blend of essential oils. 

Lovely Lavender: Made with dried lavender pieces and lavender essential oil. 


Bonus! Sweetheart Citrus: Made with dried orange peel and sweet orange, tangerine and grapefruit essential oils


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