Vitamin E Lotion Bar Redo

Vitamin E Lotion Bar Redo!

Lotion bar redo! I am so happy with how the finished product turned out. No more worrying if this bar is too soft or wondering if it’s going to melt all over the place c; & now it's portable!

Updated 03/05/15 - Ok so after making this awesome little bar, I found that the consistency, although it is solid, is too soft to keep just laying around. At room temperature it becomes soft and pliable, not something you’d expect from a “Lotion Bar”. This called for a DIY REDO!! So I searched high and low for a storage tin or container to use in conjunction with this bar, no luck. Until…Dun duh da Daaa! I found a small round tin with a transparent lid that would go perfectly with this product. I purchased a few and tonight I will re-melt this bar into a cylindrical shape, a la my tiny cupcake tin, and throw this Lotion Bar Redo up tomorrow! TTFN!

Vitamin E Lotion Bar

This was a special request from my newly preggers friend. She originally wanted a bar of soap with vitamin E oil in it (to help with stretch marks). I felt that if it was in a bar of soap, the vitamin E might wash off. So instead I opted for a lotion bar.

This bar is super moisturizing, it has coconut oil, shea butter, natural beeswax pallets, vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil. This bar is defiantly temperamental, if it is sitting in warm temperatures it will melt slightly. I think the next time I make one of these, I will use a tin or glass jar so the melting or softening will not be an issue!


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