80th Birthday Party! Update!

My grandmothers 80th birthday is quickly approaching and because this is a milestone birthday we wanted to do something very special. Since my grandma is not well acquainted with the internet, let alone the blogosphere, I feel comfortable sharing some fun details and DIY projects I will be doing for her surprise party!

First, the invitations! I love to make DIY invitations and it was so great to find a fun way to invite our friends and family to her party!

Second, the décor! Since we are using a hall it made things a bit difficult. We cannot tape anything to the walls nor have anything hanging from the ceiling. We are also very limited on set up time, 15mins (eeekk), so balloons, streamers and fresh flowers are out! I, of course, went on a Pinterest search and I found the cutest ideas for tissue paper pom poms to use as table toppers.

Here are a few of the pom poms we will be using as table toppers! You can check out the full pictorial here!

Last, but definitely not least, PICTURES! My grandmother is absolutely obsessed with pictures. Each and every time we get together we surely must take a family photo! She has stacks and stacks of photo albums and nearly every time I see her she gives me the latest batch of photos she has taken. I do have to say, if it was not for her fixation on family pictures, I would not have the plethora of silly, embarrassing, but oh so sentimental photos of myself and loved ones.

Knowing this, I decided that a photo booth would be an amazing way to capture all of her family and friends in attendance.

I used 14 precut 1/2 inch PVC pipes, 2 1/2 inch elbows, 2 1/2 inch 2way connectors and 6 1/2 inch 3way connectors. I could have bought the uncut (very tall) PVC piping, however, I did not want to struggle with carrying it and cutting it. This all cost under $20.

Still not complete! I ran out of pink tissue paper. I would like to add more pom poms to the sides!c;

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