Outdoor Pallet Sectional

This summer we decided to get our backyard in order. We had a concrete patio put in, fenced in the entire property and mulched off the back half of the yard! Knowing that I would now have much more space to sit and entertain, I knew I needed more outdoor seating. After searching online, I found that I was going to have to pay an arm and a leg if I wanted to buy a large patio set. Then I stumbled across a pallet sectional on, where else, Pinterest! I took to Craig’s List and found eight awesome pallets and upholstery foam! Hobby Lobby provided some lovely geometric outdoor fabric and Home Depot supplied the matte black (fabulous) paint. I arranged the pallets in the shape I wanted, turned on an AHS marathon and went to town.

One gallon of paint later...

(Please excuse my messy yard, we are still adding mulch and fencing!)

Cushions are covered!

Almost done! Now...pillows!




Total Cost:

Pallets-------------- FREE!

Exterior Paint------- $20

Cushion Foam------- $80

Outdoor Fabric--- $50

Pillows---------------- $50

Total Cost = $200

Sectional Dimensions:

In case you were wondering why I only have one red pillow…

Do you know how hard it is to RAKE feathers out of grass? Or sweep them off of concrete??

My SweetPea decided to rip apart one of the more expensive, feather filled pillows! Keep in mind that all the other pillows only cost me a few dollars to make and were filled with cotton! She has good taste, I’ll give her that.

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