My Flea Market Find!

September 14, 2015

Why have I never been to the Mile High Flea Market as an adult!? I am a Craig's List/Yard Sale junkie. -I must clarify that I do not actually buy most items I find; I enjoy the hunt more than the actual purchase. Moreover, if I were to buy all of the items I find on CL or at a yard sale, you might see me on an episode of Hoarders. - Now, I have been in search of a large trunk for years. I have always wanted a set for my living room. A nice coffee and end table set, that doubles as extra storage. I am still on that hunt. However, it became quickly apparent, after building the pallet sectional, that I now have tons of pillows and nowhere for them to go...that was...until Saturday! 

 I cleaned it up and washed it down!

I love that it's banged up and scratched, it gives it so much character!



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