First Project of Autumn!

September 23, 2015

I have been wanting to tackle my front yard for quite some time now, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. There was already a "rose bush", that was all thorns and no roses, thanks to the lack of pruning from the previous owners. It was an ugly, prickly nuisance, so I decided to cut that sucker down! However, I still wanted flowers and a flower bed. I knew I needed something low maintenance and perennial. One day, this past spring, I noticed a tulip growing next to the thorn, I mean, rose bush. This was a self-sufficient little flower that didn't need much help to grow. I went online to look up the best place to buy tulip bulbs and found Finding the right combination of tulip colors and characteristics was a project in itself. I probably spent a solid 12 hours on this site mixing and matching tulips! Finally, I found the perfect combo. A darker color scheme that is perfectly suited to my taste. I measured the length of my future flower bed and ordered enough tulips to fill it. I received my bulbs yesterday and I am now just waiting for the weather to cool enough for me to plant them! I cannot wait for spring! 


Here are some before and after photos of the tulip bed.







A glimpse of spring! 

These are the tulips that I will be planting this fall.


 Queen Of The Night Tulip


 Hakuun Darwin Hybrid Tulip


 Gavota Triumph Tulip


 Gorilla Fringed Tulip


 Black Hero Double Tulip


 Black Parrot Tulip


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