New Bath Bomb Recipe - Update 10/23

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share my little experiment with you! Wish me luck!

I am currently trying a new bath bomb recipe and am so nervous to see how it turns out. Most bath bomb recipes contain mainly dry ingredients and you need some liquid agent in order to shape and harden the bath bomb. I have been using witch hazel, in which I spray the dry mixture until it becomes moist enough to shape. This process is very tricky, if I spray too much the mixture will “grow” and will not hold a shape, if I spray too little the bombs will crumble and become very fragile. So I decided to scrap the witch hazel (I guess I’m not a witch after all c; ) and find a less problematic recipe. After lots of searching, I found a few recipes that called for coconut oil. This was a perfect alternative since I use lots of coconut oil in my other products. I whipped up a batch last night and am now waiting for them to dry. I really liked the way the mixture reacted, it was so much easier to work with, molding was a breeze and there was no crumbling or growing. I have only two issues with this recipe. One, the coconut oil is an off-white color and it turned the whole mixture off-white. I prefer my bombs to be bright white. Two, the remnants of this mixture didn’t seem to fizz much when thrown into my sink. Although I used just as much citric acid as I did with the previous recipe, I am worried these will not have the same fizzy reaction. I have a small piece that I will test when they harden.

Thanks for reading! I will update with my results ASAP!

Update 10/23/15

They fizzled!!! The new coconut oil bath bomb recipe was a success! I am so pleased with how these turned out. In addition to the fizzle, they are also super moisturizing!

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