Little Sissy DIY - Update 11/9

Hello again!

My kid sister and I have decided to design a new item to sell on my Etsy shop! So she and I have been racking our brains for the past few weeks. The item needed to be relatively simple and something she can do with minimal help. We have come up with a soap dish or soap saver DIY! This will pair perfectly with the handmade soaps c: We will be trying out a few different styles and materials: Cork stoppers, popsicle sticks and sculpy clay. I will update after our crafting session!

Here are some designs we will be attempting.

Happy Crafting!!

Update 11/9

Hello, hello! After a very successful trip to Hobby Lobby, we came back with…Water proof gorilla wood glue, a bag of corks, active-clay, lace fabric, wood cubes and popsicle sticks galore! From these materials we have created three soap dishes!

We both decided to make a dish from clay and use lace fabric to create some depth and design. Sadly, I believe we made these dishes too thin. Nevertheless, we will still paint and seal them, just to see how they turn out. I will update again after this happens!

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