Bulk Orders - Complete!

Orders, orders, orders!

I am beyond excited!!! I have just received my largest order yet! My manicurist has steadily ordered from me since he found out I make bath & body products. At my last appointment he let me know that he not only wants to re-order a few other items for his shop, but also wants to buy Christmas gifts in bulk! Over ninety-nine bath bombs, thirty bottles of lotion, candles and soaps! -To name a few!- I am so honored to have his trust and support. I will need to place a VERY large order of citric acid and coconut oil! Haha!

I will continue to update as I gather all the materials!

Update! 12/1/15

The bottles are in! Just waiting on a few other items to get here and I can begin!


Last night, I received my ten pound bag of citric acid! o_O Sunday is triple "B" day!

Update! 12/9/15

I am about half way done! I cannot wait to be finished with this order :) I have about 50 bath bombs drying on my counter tops as well, I need to snap a quick pic asap!

Update 12/14/15

DONE!!! The bombs are complete, the lotion jars are filled and the candles are poured (thanks to my new candle making buddy!)! All that is left is…Packaging! That will be done tonight!


My first bulk order is finally complete! *SIGH* It feels so good to finally see this massive order come together. The bags below were the hardest and most time consuming (thirty bags total!). They include a small travel sized hand lotion and two heart bath bombs.

Next, are the larger bags. These include three heart bath bombs, a large container of hand lotion and, with some help from Miss Bri, a lavender aromatherapy candle.

Last are the extra goodies! There are thirty-nine bombs wrapped in bundles of two or three!

I am dropping them off tonight! TTFN!

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