Bri’s Corner: Candle Edition

Soooo, Bri decided she wanted to make some candles for Christmas! Neither of us had ever made candles before, so our first attempt was definitely all trial and error. First, the glass jars she used were much too large, required a longer hardening time and a lot of wax. Second, she picked a mango flavor that, when mixed with the wax, smelled a little too much like butter! Ew! Last, we had no clue how to set her handmade wicks. They were too soft and noodle like to set up straight in the melted candle wax. Needless to say, she hated them.

We decided to redo! We melted them down added a few extra pounds of wax and found smaller versions of her chosen jars. We added some rose and citrus essential oils to the mango scent, (this was a vast improvement). We also used some ready-made, waxed covered wicks that would stand straight in the melted wax. However, Bri was still but hasty and wanted to speed up the hardening process. She employed a vast array of cooling techniques (i.e. cold water in my sink or in a large pot) but we won’t go there! Haha! Nevertheless, we completed her candles! Aside from a few imperfections, that we can fix with applied heat, they came out great! Check them out!

I had some leftover wax from the bulk order I completed, so I decided to make some candles of my own! :D I was hoping to find some cute tea cups, but these coffee cups work just as well.

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