Glycerin Soap

My molds finally came in!!! Gees these took forever! I wanted to test these molds out on a new style/type of soap! My sister sent me a pin of some clear glycerin soap with little bits of lemon peel or chopped mint leaves inside. I have since found a few other variations that I wanted to try. I had a left-over pack of clear glycerin soap sitting around from a previous order and decided to put it to good use. I decided to make pine, orange and rose soap.

These molds are amazing! I am so bummed that I didn’t buy silicone molds sooner. I LOVE the sharp lines and corners and No More Cutting!!! With the soap loaf mold I had to assemble and disassemble each time I made a bar. Then, freehand cut the loaf into uniform bars. Now, with these molds each bar is the exact same size and shape! No stress & less mess!

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