Chaotic Cake & Problematic Pops!

"If plan A fails, remember there are still 25 more letters!" I think I'm on Q! Lol

My Sharina turned 11 this month and she wanted a vanilla cake with strawberry filling that was pink, purple and black! This was probably the most problematic cake I have made to date. Not even the wedding sized cake, I made for my mother’s retirement, gave me this much grief. All three layers were stuck to the pan. (Even after a generous coating of non-stick cooking spray!) I wonder if this might have something to do with the purple food coloring? Any who , after removing the cake from the oven I flipped over the pan to release the cake and let it cool. The cake did not release. I even used a knife to try and separate it from the pan. After turning it upside down and letting it sit awhile, I returned to find that the cake only partially came loose from the pan. The first layer was destroyed :( I was extra careful with the other two and managed to remove them without too much damage. I could see my vision of Sharinies special cake slipping away. I had to walk away from the disaster area before I completely scrapped it. After some thought, I remembered that I had skewers and extra icing. I could use these to make cake pops! Thankfully, I had recently viewed, (and pinned) an easy cake pop tutorial. While the remaining two layers cooled, I assembled the pops and let them set in the refrigerator. Coloring the icing and icing the cake went off without a hitch. It was the cake pops that were the issue. I didn't have any white chocolate or candy coating handy and since it was midnight, I had to improvise. So I microwaved the remaining icing. Believe me, it does not take long to melt icing! The icing was way too runny and wouldn't thoroughly coat the pops. I whipped it for a while to help it thicken and tried again. It went "ok", it was so hard to dip the whole pop into the icing without losing it. I did my best and used some black icing and purple sprinkles to decorate them. I am so glad to be done with this chaotic cake and the problematic pops!

These difficulties may have had something to do with my crazy night! I had soap to make, an order to fulfill and lotion to mix and package, all in addition to this cake! Yowza!

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