Unconventional Valentines! 2016

This year I decided to go...unconventional. This will be our sixth wedding anniversary and in lieu of mushy cards and googly eyes, I've chosen sarcastic and honest Valentines cards!

Unconventional 14 Days of Valentines

I printed all of these postcard-esque valentines on white, off-white and grey cardstock paper. I love the look and feel of the thick cardstock, it makes a huge difference in appearance. For the envelopes I used 12x12inch pre-printed paper, I choose three different sheets with postmarked images. I sealed all of these with a black, white or red wax seal and black or neutral jute twine. I used a vintage postcard theme for the envelopes and mailbox. I wanted a stark contrast between the whimsical and romantic vintage themed envelopes and seals and the blunt, sarcastic and honest content of the valentines!

A little post about yesterday’s Valentine card! The original card said “I love you…even when you’re depressed, lazy and whiny…after your football team loses.”

This was in no way connected to the Broncos and their super bowl win, as I printed these out before they were even in the playoffs. The card wasn’t even really referencing the Broncos, I chose green and orange colors to represent his favorite college team, the Miami Hurricanes. However, after the big game and the big W, I thought this was a great opportunity to customize this card even further! My poor hubs was bummed that he had to miss the Bronco parade, so I wanted to make this day and card extra special! I picked him up a super bowl edition shirt and hurried home. I only had about twenty minutes to rewrite, print, cut and seal the newly designed Valentine card. I squeezed the shirt and card into his “you’ve got mail”, mailbox with only minutes to spare! :D


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