The Fastest Gift Ever Assembled!

Just one day ago, I received a local rush order for a very large gift basket. I was told they needed it by Thursday! Thankfully, I already had all of the included items at hand. All I needed to do was fill the bottles with the designated bath product, pick up a basket, create a few bars of soap, print the labels and assemble the basket. I was given the creative freedom to design the basket in its entirety! I am so in love with how the finished product turned out!

I am conflicted at the moment. I love my online Etsy shop, however, the tedium that comes with fulfilling basic (boring) orders, is beginning to wear on me. Receiving local custom orders, like these, is so much more stimulating and inspiring. (Apparently, I work best under pressure!) Now, I am going to take some time to re-evaluate things. Over 90% of my orders are local and are not a part of my online shop. I may have to switch up some of my listings so that I might increase the customization dynamic and feeling for myself and customers. I will soon have my own, albeit small, display at my nail salon. If that goes well, I will most certainly look into selling more of my items locally.

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