Easter Fun!

This Easter we dyed Easter Eggs au naturel!

I saw a short tutorial on Facebook, however, it was vague and a few parts were cut out of the video. I had to look up a few other tutorials and combine directions.

We used:

One head of red cabbage

Three yellow onion skins

One bouquet of Easter flowers

One package of panty hose

One dozen hard boiled eggs

12 small elastic rubber bands

While the eggs were cooling, we cut up the cabbage and onion skins and threw them into two large pots.

Once the eggs were cool and dry we started picking the perfect flowers and foliage. We wrapped the pantyhose around the eggs and flowers and secured them with an elastic band.

After careful consideration, we chose which eggs to place in each pot. We filled the pots with water and set them to boil. Once they began to boil, I turned off the burner and allowed them to cool completely. I added a few tablespoons of vinegar to enhance the colors and set them in the refrigerator overnight.

Here is our finished product!

Quick note:

The purple color on some of these eggs came from the Easter Bouquet. Some of the flowers were dyed purple and the eggs soaked up this color as well!

We also made cake-pops and a cake-pop stand!

I wasn't able to snap a pic, thankfully my cousins were! (Somebody couldn't wait to try one, so we are missing a few!) haha c;

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