Mason Jar La-La-Lamp

I had an unfortunate accident this weekend; my only lamp fell to the floor and shattered! My entire house has overhead lighting and this was the only light I could use for my product photos. I was so bummed, without thinking, I scooped up the destroyed pieces and began to throw them away. As I dumped the tattered mess into the trash can, I realized, the light socket and cord were still intact.

There were still a few pieces of porcelain attached to the socket and cord. I used a hammer and chisel (screw driver lol) to break off the lingering pieces.

After removing the porcelain and broken bulb, I screwed in a new one and plugged it in. It worked!

So I pulled out my mason jars and lids and began crafting. I cut a slit into the lid so I could slide in the socket and have room for the cord to exit through the lid as well. I secured the socket with hot glue.

Since I have a plethora of black paint (and furniture to match), I painted the whole thing with black acrylic paint. Two coats later, it was ready for assembly.

I got creative with some natural jute and ta-daaaaa! A new product lamp!

I might look for a lamp shade if I decided to make this part of my homes decor.

My mother has named it thee "La-La-Lamp"!! c;

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