It's the Icing on the Cake! Update 8/10/16

Finally, finally, finally! I have found thee perfect recipe for soap icing! I originally found a recipe on the back of a soap-making kit. However, I had to tweak it a little to fit my needs.

I have poured over countless tutorials, in search of an icing I can use for both bath and body. Some tutorials use tons of powdered sugar, cream of tartar and corn starch, which I cannot label as bath and body and sell to clients. No, I needed something that worked as a soap or a body butter. I am still in search of the perfect body butter recipe to use with my bath bombs, but that is another blog post. I am so excited this recipe works and am delighted with the results!

Order Status: Filled!

I am so thankful for my manicurist, he has shared these pictures with all of his clients and really sparked an interest! I will be adding these to my display in his salon and I just fulfilled my first order of twelve soap cupcakes.

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