Massage Candles Update 8/11/16

The results are in!

They loved the ultra moisturizing massage candles!

The one drawback was the wicks.

I bought basic braided wicks from a craft store and it turns out they burn/smoke quite a bit and also do not melt the entire candle surface.

I needed something that would burn a little cleaner and heat more surface area. Now, I will test out wooden wicks.

Fingers crossed!

Original Post: Massage Candles

I have a new request from my amazing manicurist, yet again! He has asked me to create a new product; a massage candle! Massage candles are a fantastic way to light up the room and create a calming atmosphere. They provide a subtle aromatic fragrance and contain ingredients that make an excellent massage oil alternative that is luxurious and moisturizing!

I cannot believe I have never thought of this before, my lotion bars have nearly the same ingredients. I have looked up a few recipes using soy wax, coco butter and almond oil. However, I feel better using beeswax. I will still try the almond oil, but this time used coconut oil and shea butter!

I cannot wait to test it out!

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