DIY Souvenirs! Update 8/29

New Vacation Keepsake!

Las Vegas, NV

I used a small light bulb shaped bottle, some mini dice and a little Vegas sand/dirt (don’t ask me how I got it lol).

Original Post:

Whenever I go on vacation, I am sure to bring a few zip-lock baggies with me to fill with seashells, sand, sticks and/or stones. I use these to make my own little Vacation Keepsakes. Usually, I try to keep an eye out for cute souvenirs to bring back for my friends and family. This time around nothing really caught my attention. Each store carried the same, unoriginal, knickknacks with the words “Playa del Carmen” poorly plastered onto them. So, half way through my vacay, I decided to collect enough sand and seashells to make small keepsakes for everyone.

I purchased several small corked bottles and filled them with seashells and sand. The reaming sea shells I used to make sea turtles to celebrate our sea turtle snorkeling session.

All that was left was a hand-stamped tag and...ta-da! DIY Souvenirs!

DIY over the weekend:

Happy Father's Day! From his beebees!

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