Tea Cup Succulents

I had the unique and exciting opportunity to make tea themed baby shower favors! I thought these tea cup succulents were the perfect fit.

I ordered fifty (2x2 inch) assorted succulents from ExoticSucculent on Etsy and researched how to plant and maintain them. I found that they do not like to sit in water, so I would need high-drainage soil and pea gravel. I found the high-drainage soil and pea gravel at Home Depot. Next, I searched every antique, consignment and specialty shop, to gather tea cups.

While I waited for the succulents to arrive, I put together the thank you tags. Originally, I was going to print them out myself and hand cut all fifty. However, I was nervous they would turn out misshaped or appear too handmade. I decided to use gold embossed “Thank You” stickers and pre-cut, pre-riveted tags.

Once I had gathered enough cups, I gave them a good wash and began planting. I placed the back-end of the tag inside the tea cup, then I added a hand-full of pea gravel. Next I removed the succulent from its pot, shook off the excess dirt and measured the height of the succulent to the height of the tea cup. It is my understanding that the succulent leaves should stay above the soil. After figuring out how much soil is need, I packed it down a bit and placed some additional pea gravel on top for decoration. Last, I wiped them clean and they were done!

At the shower!

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