Star Wreath

Hello, hello! I found the cutest "wreath" idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

I have never put up a wreath in all the years I've lived on my own. This is odd, because my mother, and grandmother, tend to go all out with the seasonal decorations. It is also the first year I have had a neighbor actually decorate, so there was a little pressure! I saw this, felt that it fit with my personal style and had all the materials readily available!

So, here it goes.

I have a large tree stump in my backyard that regularly sprouts single, straight offshoots.

These were very easy to cut and the leaves snapped right off, creating the perfect twigs.

I cut them to size and used black jute to fashion them together.

It turned out a little....American Horror Story meets The Nightmare Before Christmas! So I decided to add some lights.

In all, I am happy with how it turned out. I might cut the extra bits of twig ends off and see if that helps with the overall look.

Either way, I am delighted with my AHS wreath! Hehehe! c;

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