DIY Dog Bed

January 12, 2017

SweetPea's bed exploded!

At first, I was angry, thinking she tore it apart, however, upon further inspection, I noticed just how thin and brittle the material on the underside of the bed was. I could rip this material apart with minimal effort. SweetPea tends to scratch at her bed, she does this in order to gather up stuffing to lay on. I believe this "explosion" was an accident. Here is my theory: SweetPea was scratching and gathering the stuffing, when her bed eventually flipped over, exposing the thin material, then scratched and ripped the material, exposed the stuffing.

Instead of throwing the bed out, leaving SweetPea with nothing to lay on while in her kennel, I decided to make a new one. I grabbed an old bed sheet and cut it into the shape of a cushion. I used a thick, durable thread to sew the edges together. I left a small hole open and filled the new cushion with the remaining stuffing. 

DIY Dog Bed!

(I'll snap a pic of SP on her new bed ASAP)


Fun Fact! I am an expert seamstress, I call this stitch "The Jeepers Creepers!" :p 


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