Valentine's Day 2017

Last year I went unconventional (hehehe), this year I went simple and meaningful. We decided we would rather focus our funds on our upcoming vacation and I happily obliged.

I have seen similar ideas used as birthdays surprises and really thought the idea was cute. I compiled our Valentine's Day photos from the last seven years. This was not an easy task, as we have used many forms of photography over the past seven years and I had to search old electronic photo albums, posts and even memory cards. Once I found all seven, I sent them out for printing.

I planned on getting a dozen black balloons and wrapping seven of them (the seven with our pictures attached) in red tulle. I bought about four yards or tulle from Hobby Lobby and cut it into large squares. Sadly, the tulle weighed down the balloons significantly and I had to scrap that whole idea (whomp-whomp). I also purchased some pre-cut and colored burlap hearts and attached them to the remaining balloons.

I set his gift in the middle of the table and arranged the balloons around it.

Here is the result:

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