Shadow Box Peonies

Hello, lovelies!!!

This weekend I was finally able to try out a new, super simple, DIY project.

A few months ago I was moseying around Hobby Lobby and stumbled upon some clearance frames. Both were missing glass and had broken stands, but, they were so beautiful I couldn't resist. I purchased both of these for around one fourth (under $10) of the original price. I love these clearance finds, it pushes me to think of new ways to use ordinary frames.

I've seen countless variations of dried or pressed flowers in shadow boxes and frames, however, this idea turned out a bit different!

For this project I wanted to showcase my dried pale pink peonies. I used the shadow box frame with no glass and a broken stand.

I grabbed my hot glue gun and picked out the best looking buds from the bunch. I cut them to fit and began gluing. Because there is no mount or built in stand on this frame, I used a picture stand.

Below is the final product!

I am in love! I can wait for my next batch of flowers to dry out!

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