Work in Progress: Travel Map Polaroid/Instax Collage

Caution! Work in Progress! c;

This has been an ordeal. After a few years of decision making, I finally decided on a black, white and grey push pin travel map. When I finally received it, I took it to Hobby Lobby to be framed. Sadly, when I went to pick it up it wasn’t quite right. I could just see the white edge of the map on the right side. Knowing I couldn’t live with this, I took it back to be matted. Long story short, I would be in and out of Hobby Lobby over the next month, trying to pick the right frame and order the right matte.

I used this time of alteration to gather the items I would need to create a surrounding collage of our travels. It took me a few solid weeks just to pick out which pictures to use for each destination. Then, it took me even longer to pick out frames. And last, but certainly not least, it took another week to figure out the arrangement. All of this indecisiveness surrounding our travel collage is rather recent. I have had this vision of how I wanted this to look for quite some time. I knew I wanted to incorporate Polaroids, I just wasn't sure how.

I love Polaroid cameras. I have a large old school Polaroid camera and I also have a smaller iZone Polaroid camera, that I received when I was in middle school! So when the Instax Mini 8 came out, sometime in 2010, I was tempted to buy it. However, I just couldn't justify its large design and not so travel friendliness. Our travels tend to involve the ocean and I didn't want to risk damaging the Instax, nor did I want to lug it around. My sister received one for her birthday a few years back and watching her waste film trying to get a good picture spurred an idea. Maybe I could print my own pictures?

At this point I had dropped the whole Polaroid idea because I just didn't see a plausible way this would work. I decided to search for a smartphone compatible printer. I found everything under the sun, but nothing practical. All of these printers needed ink cartridges, that were no longer available for purchase, or special sized printing paper, and both cost way too much. I had nearly given up when I received an email from amazon. I had recently bought Instax film for my sister and amazon sent me a list of Polaroid related items for sale. Lo and behold, there was an Instax Polaroid printer! No ink cartridges and no special paper. All I needed was two batteries and Instax Polaroid mini eight film. Done deal. I placed my order, along with a large pack of Polaroid film, and anxiously waited.

I found some 12.5in x 12.5in frames and after much deliberation, tape and measuring, I picked the arrangement.

As soon as I received the printer, I began printing! After I finished printing each collage, I used double stick tape to secure the collage together and to a base. I then secured that base to the frame matte.

I will not be able to finish this collage until after our next vacation. I have many more pictures to take and collages to make!

To be continued...

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