Water Color Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to add a quick blurb about this year’s Easter eggs. We almost didn’t get to do any, but thanks to a super late dinner reservation, we had plenty of time! I saw a really cute blog post and thought it would be fun. I used regular and neon food coloring, 12 plastic decorative eggs and a thin tipped sharpie. The post I originally saw was a little vague, so there was a definitely a learning curve. We ended up finding that the easiest way to get the “watercolor” look was to place one drop of food coloring on the egg and use a water soaked paintbrush to swirl the color into a flower shape. We repeated this step a few times for each flower to give it depth. Once the eggs were dry we outlined the flowers and leaves. That’s all! Super easy and I love the variations between our eggs!

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