Pressed Orchid Keepsake

A few months ago, while wandering around Hobby Lobby, I came across some clearance frames, both missing glass and stands. I used the first frame in a previous post; Shadow Box Peonies. I loved the way it turned out and couldn’t wait to use the other frame.

Now, it finally has its purpose! My husband and I recently went on vacation and spent my 30th birthday abroad. I received an orchid and plumeria lei and a braided palm leaf and plumeria crown. I made certain to save a few flowers from my lei and the palm leaf crown. I pressed them in my travel book and transported them to my larger/heavier book once we returned home.

While my flowers were drying, I prepared the frame. The back of the frame was brown cardboard, so I painted it black to match my decor.

Once the frame was ready, I began to arrange my pressed flowers and secured them with hot glue.

Here is the result!

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