'Up' Inspired Savings Jar

I finally made one! This was, no lie, one of my very first pins on Pinterest! Any-who, I have grown tired of my countless containers of change and change laying around my house; on the floor, counters, dressers, drawers, everywhere! So I began hunting for a glass jar. I found a short/fat jug (very similar to the 'Up' jug) at Michaels, but sadly, the mouth of the jar was just a tad too small to fit quarters. I returned it and continued my hunt. After checking multiple home good stores, I was relieved to find the perfect jar. It was the only one left in a random section in Hobby Lobby! I also picked up a cork and white tape to seal the deal.

The cork was a little too small, but a few drops of hot glue around the edges made for a perfect fit. I used alphabet stamps and black ink to make the sign and ta-da! An Up inspired savings jar.

It is a great addition to, what will be, my travel wall! Each time it fills up, I will cash it in and add the monies to our travel fund!

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