Dye-It-Yourself Canvas Shoes

Hello my lovelies!

Ok, let this be a warning: I did not follow the Rit instructions AT ALL!

I saw a tutorial online and it may, or may not, have been Rit approved.

I will update if my Dye-It-Yourself project goes awry!

I received a pair of charcoal grey Keds for Christmas, and, although I love them, the color was never quite right. I wanted a black pair with white soles, a color combo that isn’t offered in the style I want. So, after talking and talking about it, I finally just decided to dye my Keds black.

I used Rit black liquid dye, a sponge paint brush, a small bowl and some q-tips.

I stuffed the shoes with paper-towels and brushed on the liquid dye, using q-tips to fill in the hard to reach areas. I also decided to paint the white “Keds” tag on the tongue of the shoe, as I wanted all black canvas. I let them dry for 24 hours and then threw them in the washing machine on a rinse cycle.

Before & After

I am so pleased with how they turned out!

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