Delightfully Dreadful Skull Soap!

October 16, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!


Halloween is right around the corner and I had the perfect opportunity to create some new frighteningly splendid soaps!



One of my best friends is getting married! But wait, her nuptials are not the only cause for celebration, she is also having a Halloween themed wedding!


Ah, be still my little black heart!


Any who, she asked me if I would craft a small soap gift for her bridal party and away I went!


I found these dreadfully cute skull molds online and began thinking of colors and additives.





I decided to use clear glycerin soap with red dye, to create the illusion of blood! I chose to use the clear glycerin soap, not only because it looks awesome, but also because it has a higher melting point than its white counterpart and would not melt and mix when poured together.





For the “Bloody Face” soap, I coated the inside of the skull mold with the red glycerin soap and set it aside to harden. For the lavender "Brains” soap, I mixed dried lavender and glycerin soap to create a “brain” at the top of the skull and set that aside to harden as well. I then filled the pre-coated molds with varying colored goats milk soap.





I was not disappointed! These spooky soaps will make you scream with delight! 





I have tons of soap left over!

I plan to use this up and sell the remaining skulls as Halloween favors!






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