Dried Rose Christmas Ornament

After adorning my tree with bulbs and garland, setting up the stand and tree skirt, I realized, my tree still looked bare. I walked around my house and pondered what I might add. I walked by my counter and my collection of dried roses caught my attention. They paired dreamily with my atypical theme! I scooped up the most beautiful blossoms and began to think of ways I could turn these into ornaments.

I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some air-dry clay. I rolled it out, used a mason jar lid to cut it into circles, used a straw to poked a small hole for a hanging ribbon and let them dry overnight.

Of course, I wanted them to be black, but I also wanted a textured look. I spray-painted both sides with a textured black spray-paint and left them to dry completely.

Once dry I attached the rose blossoms with hot glue and used a thin black ribbon to make the ornament hanger.

Note: Make certain the rose petals and stems are hearty and secure. I used little dabs of hot glue to add extra structure to my rose petals.

One pack of the air-dry clay yielded sixteen circular ornaments.

They are so unique!

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