Polaroid Christmas Tree

December 12, 2017

Ever since I embarked on the odyssey that is my Polaroid/Instax collage, I have become obsessed with instant film all over again. Thankfully, Polaroid and The Impossible Project brands have increased in popularity recently, and this has made instant film more readily available than it was previously. I recovered my old Polaroid camera from the 90’s and have been capturing moments with it ever since. I was also gifted an Instax SQ-10 that allows me to print any picture I desire. 


This year I upgraded to a new, full size Christmas tree and I just could not part with my trusty black tree.

So what do you do when you want your cake and eat it too?

You create a Polaroid Christmas Tree!


Such a simple concept. I already had tons of instant photos, all I needed was a method of attachment. I picked up a bag of small clothespins and ornament hooks, looped the ornament hook through the clothespin spring and covered my tiny tree!




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