"I Love You More Than Polaroids" Keepsake Card

Simple & Meaningful

"I love you more than Polaroids" keepsake card.

This Valentine’s Day marked our eighth year of marriage. According to wedding anniversary gift guides, the eighth year’s gift is copper. Now, I've never actually followed this gift guide, but I thought it would be nice to incorporate this in my Polaroid keepsake card idea.

I collected pennies that were minted during years that were special to us.

(i.e. 2005, the year of our first kiss and 2010, the year we were married.)

After collecting all eight pennies, which was no easy task, I began to collect the items I would need to house them.

I picked up a thick white card-stock for the frame and card and a small plastic “case”. I needed something that was at least the size of a Polaroid, I found that the 3M corp loved to pack their products in small resalable containers.

These were perfect.

I removed the sharp edges and began measuring out the frame.

I ended up using my manicure scissors to get the very inside corners, as my box cutter and xacto blade just wouldn't cut it!

Once all the cutting was complete, I glued the plastic case to the frame and fashioned that to the card stock. I used a regular glue stick for the plastic case, as the hot glue gun would melt the thin plastic.

Since I have terrible handwriting, I picked up some cute stamps and grabbed my tiny alphabet letters and stamped away!

Here is the finished product!

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