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2018 has been, and is going to continue to be, an extremely busy year. I have entered the last phase of my masters program and am in the process of completing my internship.

A major part of my own mental health, and an overarching ethical goal, is self-care. Self-care is largely neglected by mental health professionals and many experience burn out, even before entering their professional career. That being said, my clinical supervisor has charged myself and my fellow therapist to find a method of self-care that we can fit into our busy lives.

Thus, the Polaroid Journal was born, bad handwriting and all.

This is a way for me to incorporate my beloved Polaroids and plethora of crafting supplies.

This journal forces me to slow down and really focus on the moment captured inside the Polaroid.

Ice Castles

January 27th 2018

The Gothic Theater

February 1st 2018

Street Art

February 6th 2018

My Dilemma

February 27th 2018

I felt like painting

March 6th 2018


March 12th 2018

Golden Birthday

March 31st 2018


April 10th 2018

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