First Emulsion Lift

This is something I have wanted to try for a long while. I follow a few accounts that post nothing but beautiful emulsion lifts, but I was never certain if this was something I could do myself. It wasn't until I saw a story, posted by Polaroid, where they were showing how easy it was to do! So I thought I'd give it a try. I found a Polaroid that I was willing to cut up and began experimenting.

For this project you will need: at least one tray of warm water, soft brushes, scissors and watercolor paper.

Disclaimer! This is my DIY and I am experimenting!

(I may or may not know what I am doing!)

First, I cut off the frame and removed the backside of the Polaroid.

I then submerged the image into a dish of warm water and gently brushed the image with a soft paintbrush. There is a white film on the back of the emulsion that needs to soak off.

After a few minutes the emulsion began to lift from the plastic screen. I gently worked the emulsion off of the plastic frame and removed the plastic from the dish.

I grabbed a piece of pre-cut watercolor paper and worked the emulsion onto its surface. Once it was centered, to my taste, I removed it and let it dry completely.

Here is the finished product!

I love the imperfections.

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