Polaroid Transparencies

While experimenting with emulsion lifts I began to notice a different method of removing the Polaroid chemical backing.

I noticed the chemical backing peeled off rather easy, leaving the image adhered to the thin plastic front. Usually, I would submerge this image in water and gently separate the two layers. However, I found that if you make small cuts down the side of the Polaroid, you can preserve the frame and image while discarding the back, making a Polaroid transparency.

It was recommended the image be newly developed to reduce the chance of the chemical sticking to the image.

All you need is a sharp knife and fresh Polaroid.

Once it developed, I cut the very top layer of the frame off of each side.

I then cut the bottom back free from the font.

Once the bottom is cut, the two sides are only held together by two small black tabs. I cut these tabs, releasing the layers.

Peel the front and back layer away from each other. Make sure to really bend the layer containing the image, as this helps the chemical backing to not stick to the image.

Lastly, cut the top of the frame to completely release the two layers.

Here is my first transparency!

I paired my pup with a Polaroid of some lovely lilies.

You can also use different color paper to make fun photo backgrounds.

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