Hydroponic Succulents

Hello, hello!

I have been nursing soil propagated succulents for almost two years now, and, although I have had much success, I have noticed it is a VERY slow and delicate process. I was under the impression soil was the only suitable environment for succulents, but when my sister got married and left me with 20+ succulents to care for, I quickly began searching for a better way. This is when I found water propagation.

It is so simple. Grab a glass vase, some plastic wrap and calloused succulent cuttings or leaves. Fill the vase with water, cover with the plastic wrap and cut small slits in the plastic wrap. Insert the cuttings and/or leaves into the slits and set in sunny area.

I have never seen my succulents grow so quickly!

I was a little sad that I would eventually have to transfer these little cuties to soil, but after some more research I found that you can in fact grow succulents hydroponically!

Meet a few beauties from my hydroponic garden!

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