Colorant on Polaroid Film


I have been experimenting again!

My last comparison post was about the differences in Instant film, if you would like to check that out you can click HERE!

This time around, I am experimenting with different types of colorant on Polaroid film. Polaroids are uniquely resilient, they can take quite a beating without any lasting damage. They are perfect medium for experimentation.

White Acrylic Paint & Rose Gold Pearl Dust

Many of my painted Polaroid feature a rose gold metallic paint, however, this was leftover from another project and running low. When I found my supply had finally run out I riffled through my crafts and came up with a mix of white acrylic paint and pearl dust. I love the way it build up and adds depth to my Polaroids.

Rose Gold Americana Decor Metallic Paint

This paint is water based and acted like typical acrylic paint while painting the surface of my Polaroids. I used my finger tips and small paint brushes to remove excess or clean up edges.

Gel Food Coloring

The gel was tricky to work with, but such a treat in the end. I love the transparent look once on the photo. This colorant is water based and completely washed off the plastic window surface of the photo, however, the white frame around it would became stained with the red colorant. I used the tiniest amount of bleach on the tip of a toothpick to remove the offending stains. It was very messy and easily transferred to every surface in its proximity. Scanning also proved difficult as the colorant takes an extremely long time to dry out.



Yup! I included a link for bleach...just in case ;)

In order for bleach to make any change to the photo, it needs to touch the emulsion, i.e. the inside of the Polaroid. As I stated previously, Polaroid film is tough, they are sealed liquid tight. So in order to create a change, you have to expose the emulsion. Click HERE to see how to cut open a Polaroid. I also began cutting slits in the back of the Polaroid and inserting bleach. Bleach is highly corrosive and will disintegrate the emulsion if used in high concentrations (see middle photo). *PLEASE* be careful with bleach, dilute it 1:10 and use precaution.

Oil Paint

Oil paint acts much like acrylic, except that it does not dry as quickly, which is great for my ever changing ideas. It is moderately opaque unlike the gel colorant and washes off easily.

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