Succession Gift Box

February 14, 2020

My husband is obsessed with the HBO series Succession. I have had to rack my brain to think of how I can make this gift idea work and fortunately the anniversary gift guide saved the day...again. For ten years of marriage it is customary to give the gift of tin/aluminum and luckily, while scouring the world wide web, I came across a hilarious Kendall Roy pin! After that, I knew I had to make it work! This wasn't so difficult considering my husband has this show on repeat. 

I was able to gather enough punny gags to fill a gift box.


I present to you....

The Kendall Roy Starter Kit! 


In this kit you will receive:

 Abnormally large headphones - to drown out the sound of your failure. 

Sunglasses - to hide your shame.

A can of Cranberry Sauce - it's daddy's favorite!

A bottle of Hand Sanitizer - in case you accidentally touch a peasant.

A bottle of Greg Sprinkles - use in court to avoid any messy litigation.

& Lastly....Thee Kendall Roy pin! - L to the OG, Dude be the OG!


Happy Anniversary, you little slime puppy! 



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